Becca Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Becca Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

For the holidays, Becca came out with a limited-edition eyeshadow palette, consisting of 12 eyeshadows in 3 brand new different finishes; ultra-matte, shimmer and molten metallic. The molten metallic formula contains metamorphic pearls that are activated by pressing on the shades and using your finger for application. Each shade is also energized with black tourmaline (a natural mineral crystal formed in volcanoes which is protective and grounding properties).

The colors in this palette range from neutrals, to coppery-golds, down to vivid smokeys and a dark glittery navy blue. Although there are varying views on this palette, my overall experience is that I enjoy using it, let’s dive deeper in the review below. IMG 20181129 141242 IMG 20181129 140953 IMG 20181129 142844

Value This eyeshadow palette retails for $46 USD (currently $28 USD on sale), each eyeshadow works out to $3.83 USD ($2.33 USD on sale). The pan sizes are generous; however some of the eyeshadows are not too pigmented and difficult to work with, so it is a personal preference whether the value is visible at this price.

Pigmentation The matte shades are absolutely pigmented and are easy to work with. Shades such as “Midnight Sapphire” are tricky to work with however. This stunning shade is not pigmented no matter how hard I tried. With a finger, or a brush all I got was a lot of glitter.

Blendability The mattes blend out beautifully, and there are no issues. The shimmery shade such as “Hematite” are a pleasure to work with and go on smoothly, however “Gilded” and “Diamond Dust” were hard to blend out and ended up chunky on the eye.

Longevity These did not crease on me, and for the most part they managed to last all day on my eyes without needing a touch up, I was impressed.

__Packaging __ I like the size of the mirror, and the palette is cute and compact. The colors on the front are inviting and give off a great impression as to what is inside the palette.

Final thoughts: Most of these eyeshadows (aside from the mattes), swatch very nicely, but upon application to the eyelids, the colors do not translate very well. The foils are chunky, crumbly, and difficult to work with. The amount of glitter and fall out is pretty intense, and the biggest disappointment for me was the dark blue shade that I was dying to use. It simply comes off as glitter instead of a rich navy blue hue. But, I still enjoy this palette, and for days when I want an extra sparkle I will be reaching for it. With the sale price, this is a decent palette to try out, and slowly but surely I am growing to love it more and more.


  • Paraben, and Sulfate free
  • Cruelty free
  • Mirror
  • Long lasting
  • Different formulas


  • Fall out
  • Some shades are not pigmented

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/ 100
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