BOXYCHARM November 2018 Unboxing and Review

BOXYCHARM November 2018 Unboxing and Review

This is my monthly review of the Boxycharm for the month of November, Boxycharm is a $21 USD/$34.19 CAD ($21 USD+$5 USD for shipping to Canada) monthly subscription service, where you will receive 4 to 5 full size beauty items. They range from makeup, to skincare to beauty tools. The minimum value of each box is $100 USD.

The theme of November’s Boxycharm is Goal Digger. In this month’s Boxycharm I received the following items:


This specially formulated black glitter eyeliner pencil glides on smoothly, leaving behind a long-lasting and subtle shimmer you’ll completely adore.

This is a pigmented eyeliner pencil, and glides on smoothly for a great application. It is not as intense as an Urban Decay liner; however it makes for a lovely sparkle. The biggest downside however is I found it quite irritating to use in the waterline due to the glitters.


These 100% vegan falsies made from premium silk fibers gives your lashes dimension, natural-looking length and volume.

These go on so well, and look so beautiful, full, fluffy and real that I am very happy to have had the chance to try this brand. With that being said I personally typically don’t wear lashes and hope that in the future we stick to makeup products that are not false lash based.


The LUXIE Luminous Eye Set features 4 synthetic eye brushes exclusively wrapped for Boxycharm. The LUXIE 141 Mini Round brush is perfect for smudging or smoking out your lower lash line, while the LUXIE 121 Mini Tapered lets you effortlessly blend your crease color. The LUXIE 111 Mini Flat Angled brush lets you blend out harsh lines or pack on cream products to your lid, and the LUXIE 131 Mini Angled can add a pop of color to your brow bone or precisely place color onto your crease.

These brushes are stunning, very soft and make blending out eyeshadow a dream. I have tons of brushes and found these to be too small to do anything aside from very detailed eyeshadow work.


Featuring 4 shimmer shades and 4 bold mattes, your new Grandoise Palette has all you need to create unlimited eye looks.

This palette is certainly pigmented, and the colors are bold. Unfortunately, I am getting a little tired of the red themes that are in fashion these days. Good quality, but the colors were not my favorite.


These ultra-concentrated drops of multi-dimensional glitter create a high impact, reflective finish that wows.

Adding this into my makeup routine was a challenge, as the glitters are too much for an everyday face application (such as blending in with a moisturizer, foundation, or stand alone as a highlighter). This works beautifully as an eyeshadow and that is what I have been using it for. Very pretty.

Total Value: $118.98 USD

Cost Per Item: $4.20 USD

Total November Savings: $97.98 USD


Final thoughts:

This month’s Boxycharm was underwhelming. I found the eyeliner to be pretty mediocre, meanwhile although the lashes are beautiful, I am not a false lash wearer. The Luxie brushes are were pretty, but unfortunately won’t be used on a day to day basis. My favorite part of the Boxy was the palette and the glitter drops. The palette blended well and was pigmented, and the shimmer shades are stunning. The glitter drops make for a stunning eye topper and I enjoyed playing around with them. I can’t wait to see what the 2018 December BoxyLuxe will bring!

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