Hard Candy Give Me Lip - Plumping Serum, Cashmere Silk and Velvet Mousse Review

Hard Candy Give Me Lip - Plumping Serum, Cashmere Silk and Velvet Mousse Review

Hard Candy the makeup brand that is exclusive to Walmart, has launched some amazingly cute, and affordable mini lip sets. Each set consists of 4 mini lip products, encased in a cute see-through makeup bag with a handy zipper. This year, I must say that I am very impressed with the color selections, the quality of the product itself and the undeniably festive presentation. There is no doubt that this is a wonderful buy for anyone that want to try out the brand, or simply loves having a variety of lippies to play with!

The plumping serum lip set: These go on clear, lip a lip gloss, with tons of micro glitters. The formula isn’t too sticky and there is no painful tingling, as with other plumping serums. These go on smoothly and last a long time. I am very impressed.

The cashmere silk lip set: These are pigmented lip glosses that glide on easily leaving a beautiful and natural sheen of color. This is perfect for on the go, and lasts pretty much the whole day without touch up, unless you’re eating oily foods.

The velvet mousse lip set: These are more like matte liquid lipsticks. They are super pigmented and are whipped in consistency. I enjoy putting these on, and taking them off is a struggle (which is awesome if you don’t like to re-apply)! Value

Each set retails for $5 CAD, which is $1.25 CAD per each lipstick, not to mention that the bag has value too! Each lipstick comes with a very decent amount of product, which is sure to last you for a while. Hard Candy is not an overly expensive brand, in fact a plumping serum, cashmere silk or velvet mousse would range from $7-$8 CAD for a full size. It is worth the value.

Pigmentation The velvet mousse set is definitely by the far the most pigmented. Each set brings to the table what a great lip product should do. This is definitely a wonderful asset to any makeup lover’s collection.

Blendability All of the lip products blend out well, and although the velvet mousse dries down quickly, it performs well and certainly exceeds my expectations for the price point.

Longevity The velvet mousse is the longest lasting product, followed by the cashmere silk and then finally the plumping serum.

Packaging I am in love with these sets and will ensure that I buy this year after year. Amazing quality and these fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking!

Final thoughts: Definitely without a doubt, I would recommend grabbing these the next time you’re at Walmart. These are such a pleasure to experience, and for the price- I am amazed at just how well they perform. With the holiday season underway it gets pricey to buy gifts for family members and friends, luckily Hard Candy has maintained a great quality product for a reasonable price. Buy buy buy!


  • Makeup bag is included
  • Very affordable
  • Pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Different formulas depending on the set


  • Name of the product is not written anywhere (if you’d like to buy a full size, you’d have to guess which one it is?)

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