Too Faced Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review

Too Faced Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow Palette Review

Too Faced has released a mini peach scented palette, (YAY!) for all the fans of the peach line. This palette has 8 matte and shimmer shadows, that holds its’ inspiration from the Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette. The mini has 2 mattes, and 6 incredible shimmer shadows. It is travel friendly, and even comes with a little mirror for on the go touch ups during the day. It didn’t take me very long to get on the peach train after I swatched this palette…



The Ticked Peach mini palette is $26 USD (before tax), which works out to $3.25 USD per shade. The pan sizes are actually large and allow you to easily maneuver your brush. As soon as I saw how pigmented these are I realized that the mini version of the peach line is just as good as the regular size. When comparing my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, I didn’t see any overlapping duplicated shades, although the color range is similar. The fragrance on this palette is a bit strong, and after an hour of wearing the eyeshadow, I could still smell the peachy shade… but luckily I love the smell of peaches!




Final thoughts

YES! If you’re a fan of super pigmented shimmer shades, the yummy fragrance of peaches and need a travel friendly beauty gem at your side, you should buy this palette. Too Faced has yet to disappoint me with the quality of their products. This eyeshadow palette is easy to blend, and lends itself well to layering eyeshadow on top of one another. When I am in the middle of a makeup look and I start to blend my shadows, the color payoff is still pigmented and it stays that way for the whole day. My only note to those of you who are sensitive to smells; ensure that you test this out at the store before you buy. The fragrance is strong and lasts for some time before it wears away.

• Pigmented colors • Fragrance is strong
• Minimal fall out
• Great price point
• Long lasting
• Mattes and shimmers
• Transition shade

Pout Score


/ 100
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